School-Friendly Valentines Treats For Kids (2024)

Making Valentine’s Day treats for your child’s class can be awfully tricky these days with so many allergies and eating restrictions. The key to making school safe snacks is to wipe down all your counters with an all-purpose cleaning spray to ensure no traces of allergens are present. Next, check out these amazing recipes that will be safe for your child’s classmates while looking extra festive and fun.

1. Mini Chocolate Mailboxes

Mini Chocolate Mailboxes are a wonderfully easy way to send your little one to school with treats for everyone without having to even turn on the stove.

Make sure you read the ingredients on all the chocolate to make sure that it doesn’t even “may contain peanuts” for example so that all the students can open their mailboxes and be pleasantlysurprised that they can all eat their treats. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: NO BIGGIE


2. Animal Cookie Trail Mix

How adorable is this animal cookie trail mix? Packed with all sorts of goodies, you can select which ingredients are suitable for your child’s class.

Make sure to check in the organic section at the grocery store to see what alternatives you can use that are more suitable for the students’ dietary needs. For example, use gluten-free animal crackers instead of regular ones. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: A JOYFUL RIOT


3. Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Dip, decorate and go! This quick and easy valentines day recipe is fantastic for kids at school because it lacks many of the allergens that are often present in other valentine’s day treats.

Make sure to pick up gluten-free pretzels and dairy-free chocolate to eliminate as many of the potential class allergens as possible. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: LEANNE BAKES


4. Fruit Waffle Cone

When all else fails, pick fruit! Nature’s dessert is safe for everyone and tastes delicious with a drizzle of dairy-free chocolate on top.

Make sure to check the ingredients on the cones to ensure they are safe for everyone in your child’s class. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: CREATE KIDS CLUB


5. Valentine’s Popcorn

Popcorn is always a safe bet when it comes to school-safe snacks. Adding some lovely valentine’s day color to the mix is a great way to make it festive and fun!

Use any type of pink or red candy that your little ones can eat at school and drizzle with some white chocolate for extra flavor. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: DESIGNER TRAPP


6. Vegan Jammy Dodgers

Your kids will have no idea that these cookies are vegan until you tell them to let everyone at school know that they’re school safe.

Make sure you add a list of ingredients to the cookies so children and teachers can read them for themselves to make sure they aren’t at risk for an allergic reaction. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: WALLFLOWER KITCHEN


7. Puppy Pudding Cups

If baking for your child’s class makes you really nervous, have no fear! Decorating some pudding cups or a snack similar to this that is allergen free is a great way to involve your child in Valentine’s Day without having to worry about causing an allergic reaction.

To make your pudding cups look extra festive, add some tiny heart stickers on the puppy faces and have your little one write valentine’s cards and stick them on top. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: CUTEFETTI


8. Valentine’s Day Fruit Kabobs

Fruit kabobs are shockingly one of those treats that are super healthy and kids absolutely love them! Have your child cut the strawberries into a heart shape just for fun!

You can also dip these kabobs in chocolate or add yogurt on the side to dip as you go. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: SIMPLE AND SEASONAL.COM


9. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownies

Mmmm, check out these brownies. While they’re obviously super delicious and you’ll obviously want seconds, the best part is that they are covered in strawberries.

Instead of just biting into a brownie, you’re biting into natural sweetness and even getting some good nutrients along the way. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: BAKERITA


10. Cuties Fruit

How many of your kids eat clementines like they’re candy? We know a lot of us adults do! Have your little one come up with some fun valentine’s day phrases to write on oranges for a school safe snack that is sure to make all their classmates feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Use a variety of different colored markers to add some variety, and use stickers for an easy way for your child to decorate the clementines. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: MOM ALWAYS FIND OUT


11. Apple Fruit Doughnuts

Apple doughnuts are apple-solutely fantastic for kids who want to bring a special snack to school for their classmates on Valentine’s Day.

Pack a separate container of icing and sprinkles for the kids to add one once your child has arrived at school. Adding some lemon juice to the apple slices will keep them from going brown.–HEALTHY-KID-SNACK#_a5y_p=5448383 PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: HELLO WONDERFUL


12. Heart Shaped Fruit Platter with Orange Whipped Cream

Who doesn’t love a good fruit platter? This fruity dish will win the hearts of all the students at school because it’s so allergen friendly.

If there is a dairy allergy in the class, perhaps try melting some dairy free chocolate instead of packing in whipped cream. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: MOM ENDEAVORS


13. Pink Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies

How beautiful are these chocolate chip cookies?! Not only are the clearly made for Valentine’s Day parties, but they are also gluten-free and dairy-free!

You can add some colorful sprinkles into the mix to add some more fun colors and give your little one a special job as you’re baking. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: NERDY MAMMA


14. Gluten Free Vegan Whoopie Pies

Whoopie pies…once you start eating them, they’re extremely hard to stop eating! This is why having a vegan option is so wonderful for kids with allergies. Now they can join in on the deliciousness as well.

If you want to make these whoopie pies extra Valentine’s Day themed, add a couple drops of pink or red food coloring to the icing to get a lovely red or pink middle. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: SARAH BAKES G FREE


15. Vegan Chocolate Raspberry Coconut Cups

Reese’s cups are a definite no-no in schools these days, but how about some vegan chocolate raspberry coconut cups? They’re packed with benefits and are also loaded with flavor.

The best part is, if someone is allergic to red food coloring in the class, the raspberries naturally color the filling so it can still be Valentine’s Day themed without any allergic reactions. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: NUTRITIONAL FOODIE

School-Friendly Valentines Treats For Kids (2024)
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