Departments | Lynchburg, VA (2024)

  1. Airport

    Welcome to Lynchburg Regional Airport! As Lynchburg’s largest travel hub with daily jet service to Charlotte, NC, the Lynchburg Regional Airport (LYH) is your gateway to amazing destinations.

  2. Circuit Court

    The Circuit Court is the trial court that exercises the broadest powers in Virginia. The court handles a myriad of cases to include serious cases called felonies; any case appealed from the General District Court and Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court; family matters, including divorce; and all civil matters involving more than $25,000.

  3. City Assessor

    The Lynchburg City Assessor's Office is required to maintain an alphabetical ownership tax roll each year for the period July 1 through June 30.

  4. City Attorney

    The City Attorney Office provides legal services to City Council, the City Manager, City departments and agencies, and the Lynchburg School Board.

  5. City Manager

    The council-manager form of government is the system of local government that combines the strong political leadership of elected officials in the form of a council or other governing body, with the strong managerial experience of an appointed local government manager.

  6. Commissioner of the Revenue

    The Commissioner of the Revenue is responsible for managing business taxes, income taxes, personal property taxes, and more.

  7. Commonwealth's Attorney

    Access information about the Commonwealth's Attorney.

  8. The Department of Communications and Public Engagement provides information related to City government services and programs to residents, the media, and internal departments.

  9. Community Development

    The Department of Community Development coordinates Lynchburg's construction, code compliance, and community revitalization efforts.

  10. Community Market

    Located in downtown Lynchburg, the market plays a vital role in our beautiful downtown as a community gathering place and offers the very best products from our region.

  11. Economic Development

    Lynchburg is a quintessential Virginian city with a rich cultural character, a vital sense of the past and a growing contemporary energy. We celebrate our history and we look fearlessly to our future.

  12. Emergency Communications Center

    Find information about emergency preparedness, emergency training, and more.

  13. Financial Services

    Visit this page to view more information regarding the Financial Services Department.

  14. Fire

    Established in April of 1883, the Lynchburg Fire Department (LFD) provides fire suppression and prevention services, emergency medical services, technical rescue, hazardous materials response, and confined space emergency response for approximately 80,000 Lynchburg residents

  15. Fleet Services

    The Department of Fleet Services was established in 2000 and is responsible for all fleet-related matters within the City of Lynchburg.

  16. Human Resources

    Welcome to the City of Lynchburg’s Human Resources department. We are your resource for City jobs, employee relations, training and development, benefits education and much more.

  17. Human Services

    The Lynchburg Department of Social Services is combined with the Lynchburg Department of Juvenile Services to form the Department of Human Services. It is one of 120 local departments in Virginia's state-supervised, locally-administered public social services system.

  18. Information Technology

    The Information Technology Department is responsible for the management and operation of the information technologies used by City departments.

  19. Juvenile Services

    Learn about the role of Juvenile Services for the City of Lynchburg which includes the Lynchburg Regional Juvenile Detention Center, the Youth Group Home and more.

  20. Library

    Visit the website for the Lynchburg Public Library.

  21. Museum System

    The Lynchburg Museum System manages the official history museums and archives of the City of Lynchburg.

  22. Parking

    The Parking Management Department manages and operates off-street parking facilities, issues permits, provides the public with parking information, and works closely with the Parking Authority.

  23. Parks & Recreation

    The City of Lynchburg Department of Parks and Recreation offers a variety of services and activities to residents and visitors. We maintain 17 parks, which offer organized and open areas for recreation, enjoying a picnic, fishing, canoeing and kayaking, and children’s play.

  24. Police

    The mission of the Police Department is to partner with our community and protect our citizens while respecting the rights and dignity of all persons.

  25. Public Works

    The Department of Public Works, with many areas of responsibility, helps keep the city of Lynchburg moving each day.

  26. Registrar

    The Registrar's Office is responsible for handling election information, including registering to vote and finding your polling place.

  27. Sheriff

    The Lynchburg Sheriff's Office is dedicated to the efficient and effective provision of Sheriff’s services to our community. Our commitment focuses on competent, expeditious, and courteous services that enhance our citizens’ safety while providing value for their tax dollar.

  28. Tourism

    Learn more about Lynchburg, a quintessential Virginia city with a leafy veneer, a powerful industrial heart and a history that dates from John Lynch’s first ferry crossing of the James River in 1757. In our culturally-rich neighborhoods and picturesque, strollable city, you’ll discover a destination with a vital sense of its past and a growing contemporary energy.

  29. Treasurer

    The Treasurer's Office in Lynchburg collects State tax payments for the City of Lynchburg. Income and estimated tax payments can be made in person or by mail at this office. We also issue Juror's checks, distribute State cigarette stamps, and collect Sheriff's fees. This Office maintains detailed records on all these payments and will provide assistance on questions you have concerning current or previous years transactions.

  30. Water Resources

    Lynchburg Water Resources ensures that Lynchburg residents enjoy an uninterrupted supply of quality drinking water and reliable sewer service.

Departments | Lynchburg, VA (2024)
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